Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New skyline for Lafayette Street?

The Meineke Car Care Center on the southwest corner of Lafayette and Great Jones has been on the market for several years... I took the photo below for a post back in February.

As I noted in February... According to the Massey Knakal Web site: The property has Landmark’s Approval for a 6-story steel and glass building for residential, commercial or hotel-use. The property is listed at $4.4 million. It could look something like this:

Anyway, the "for sale" signs have been removed...

Perhaps a buyer has been found? The property is still listed at Massey Knakal.

Meanwhile, next door...Massey Knakal is arranging for the sale 8 Bond Street and 358-364 Lafayette. According to the listing:

This exciting and rare site can be delivered vacant which allows for immediate development to meet the ever increasing hotel/commercial office demand in New York City. Alternatively, a developer could obtain a special permit for residential use from the city, a precedent that has been set by a variety of projects in the immediate area. Currently, the site is generating approximately $333,000 annually. All of the current leases are cancellable on either 30 or 90-day notice.

And what might this space look like...?

No price listed...the owner is requesting proposals because..."This property represents a truly rare opportunity to capitalize on the strong demand for a premier residential, commercial, or hotel development site on one of the most sought after streets not only in NoHo, but in all of Manhattan."

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Laura Goggin Photography said...

Nooo! I love that garage...and I don't even have a car. Every monring, I walk by and the mechanics are very friendly and they always seem to have the coolest cars in the driveway (there's a white '66 Mustang that makes me drool).

And, they've got one of the best signs in the city.

Besides, it's nice to see some sky above these low-lying buildings. The monster at Bowery and E 4th St (where there used to be a parking lot) is now casting a huge shadow over the entire intersection. These generic high-rise boxes are turning the streets into a claustrophobic rat maze.

ak said...

i'll second goggla. when i used to work over in that area, i'd pass by in 8am-bleary-eyed-awe of the cars and the mechanics.

sad, sad, sad, not surprising sadness.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

I should clarify - the neato mechanic sign is the one on the Great Jones Street side (shaped like wrenches), not the loud yellow Meineke awning on Lafayette.

Anonymous said...

The garage on great jones (with the neat sign) is a separate shop from meineke. The owners name is gus.

Anonymous said...

I say good riddance. I work right around there, and those garages park the cars all over the sidewalk, making it a pain to walk around there.

ak said...

oh! always thought the two garages were related - ahh -- bleary eyed 8am-ness (never function well in mornings).

well, in this case then, i hope that gus' shop is doing well. still sad to see the other car shop go tho.

Anonymous said...

ok, i'm all for saving the under-noticed important sites in the Village from gentrification, but this is just not one of them. I like seeing the lil' garage too, but do you ever think about how much oil, sludge and other pollutants this place as put into our environment?