Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen still closed for renovations

Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen, which has operated at 130 St. Mark's Place since 1991, closed last Friday for renovations. The shop was expected to reopen yesterday. However, a walk by yesterday afternoon revealed that the renovations continue...

Please reopen soon...

Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen got its start in 1978 on Spring Street.

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Media glut said...

Sometimes these places never reopen after a renovation. That was the story with Prana health food store on 1st Ave. They were going to close for a couple months. The story was that the floor was bad and needed to be replaced.
Well, the store never got back in there. The floor was replaced and it sat empty for quite awhile. Now it is yet another hookah bar.
I would like to hear the whole story some day from Prana's point of view.
I miss the option of another store to shop in.