Friday, August 21, 2009

Wow and wow: Hotties in tiny new hotel rooms on the Bowery (leave your inhibitions at the front desk!)

Finally! The hotel the Bowery so desperately needed!

According to a post on Arch Daily, these are the plans for the new Lower East Side Hotel on the Bowery (where?? Is that the New Museum to the left?), which is/was designed by the Office for Design and Architecture. Apparently, the rooms will be very small. And what does this mean? (Hope that you have an architectpreter!) The rooms...

...will feature minimalistic interiors to allow the “guests to use their personal aesthetic as an impromptu installation.” By designing tempered and laminated interior cylinders for the shower, toilet and closet, and using stark colors teamed with expansive city views, the small rooms seem larger than their dimensions.

The concept for entire building grew from the inside out as the architects’ primary concern was how to make a 10 foot 6 inch wide room feel larger than its tight confinement. In such a small space, the “typical bathroom encasement” had to be re-thought, for the room just did not have the capacity to provide adequate space for a standard bathroom.

In other words, you have to shit and shower in front of anyone who happens to be in the room. Such as these hotties, who have nothing better to do than lounge around in tanks tops and undies! (And look down at the commoners below!)

Oh, and also:

“With the skin of the bathroom removed, the guts of the fixtures were exposed and celebrated. The guest could now experience the entire room from the door threshold,” explained the architects.

Just like my studio apartment!

Arch Daily also has the following hotel data:

90,000 Square Feet

220 Guest rooms

Banquet hall

2 Restaurants

4,000SF plaza


Why is the one dude in the renderings fully clothed? Why isn't he sitting there in boxers? Or is he just experiencing the entire room from the threshold?

For more on some of the other 1,323 hotels coming to the LES:
The pit at 250 Bowery (BoweryBoogie)


NYCDreamin said...'s kinda like an expensive, sanitized SRO flop-house room for yuppies?

Now they can have an "authentic" Bowery Bum experienece by being crammed into a tiny room?? Is that what they're going for here?

It just gets worse every day...

EV Grieve said...

Great comment, NYCD. Indeed.

Barbara L. Hanson said...

I wonder if there's an apartment left in Manhattan that has a bathtub in the kitchen?

Bowery Boogie said...

didn't they get the memo that there are already too many hotels starving for business?

Laura Goggin Photography said...

If that's the New Museum on the left, then this is going up right next to the Bowery Mission? That should provide a great audience for the shower show.

EV Grieve said...


I've honestly lost track of all the new hotels coming to the LES.

Didn't you have an interactive map Boogie with all the projects?

Bowery Boogie said...

yes, gonna need to update it very soon. work in progress...

Hotel Saturation Map

Anonymous said...

Yuck. For those who couldn't bear to slum it at the Jane.

Jill said...

My apartment has a bathtub in the kitchen. I know of 2 others in my building too.

hntrnyc said...

the lemmings will come, they will pay thru the nose for this "exclusive" microroom experience and think it was.......awesome.