Monday, August 10, 2009

Stop work order at Upright Citizens Brigade space

Totes the fault of the cargo shorts!1!111!!! (Read the comments.)


Eden Bee said...

The people who had them shut down were wearing cargo shorts. This is pretty obvious from the handwriting on the notice.

Anonymous said...

oh great ppl in cargo shortz stopped a comidy place AGAIN, one time me and my friend bingbing were gonna have a comidy club in his garage, and if u dont no bingbing, hes like the funnyest ever! but these guyz in cargo shortz came with there cargo shortz and sed we couldnt do it unless we were funnier than arj barker, nobodys funnier than arj barker, so we had to stop! maybe this city and bingbings garage need less cargo shortz and more COMIDY SHORTS i mean its 2009!!

Anonymous said...

Don't be stuped! Obviusly they got shutted donw becuase an inspecter came in and said there are too many cargo shorts in here your permit is for a theater not a gap so stop working. My friend Chirpee already told me how they have cargo shorts hanging on the walls and then in the seats when you sit down you'll put your legs thru cargo shorts they strapped onto the chairs.