Monday, June 14, 2010

Hello from tonight's CB3/SLA meeting!

After taking nearly 140 minutes to get through the first two items on tonight's agenda, CB3/SLA committee member David McWater noted that, at this rate, the meeting will last more than 31 hours.

See you Wednesday afternoon!


AveA Andy said...

This meeting was ridiculous! Seriously people?? One of the committee members walks in literally two minutes before the vote having missed all of the arguments for and against granting the license, only to vote no and create deadlock. Unbelievable! This neighborhood needs local businesses like Frank's restaurants to thrive!! We don't want or need yet another bank, 7 Eleven or other national franchise in the old Graceland space!

EV Grieve said...

Hey, who gave you permission to leave?

That was some epic discussion. I'm curious for more reaction my neighbors after posting the story in the morning.

Jill said...

Why is this conversation framed as bar/restaurant vs. unwanted chain ? Are there no other choices? Plus we don't get to choose, the landlords are the only ones with that power.

the question here was not do we want an Italian restaurant, it was can the people who live there and can the infrastructure support a 190 person establishment run by an operator who hasn't been able to satisfactorily control the crowds outside his other places.

Every time frank comes before the committee it's the exact same long debate. Exactly the same. Always long.

Goggla said...

Wow. Thanks Grieve, Jill, and all the residents who go to these meetings and live long enough to report back.