Friday, June 11, 2010

Listicle alert!: The 10 best things to eat on St. Mark's Place

Here's a good summer Friday feature at Fork in the Road... in which Robert Sietsema writes: Our 10 Best Things to Eat on St. Marks Place in the East Village.

And here they are!

10. Falafel sandwich at Mamoun's

9. Tea-smoked duck at Grand Sichuan

8. Chocolate egg cream at Gem Spa

7. Early bird sushi assortment at Natori

6. Vegetarian soups and salads at Café Rakka

5. Morning Jersey at Crif Dogs

4. Plain cheese slice at Stromboli Pizza

3. Slider at Mark Burgers

2. Spicy miso ramen at Ramen Setagaya

1. Moroccan appetizer assortment at Mogador

The whole post is here. [Photo via the Voice]

Because I take everything seriously, I'd add the popcorn at the Grassroots to this list.


Bowery Boogie said...

the mamoun's on st mark's is much better than on macdougal. weird.

EV Grieve said...

Agreed, BB.

And, as for the list, I like Nino's much more than Stromboli's.

Anonymous said...

What about the Hummus at Hummus place, duhhhhhhhh.

Goggla said...

No $1 slices from 2 Bros? I prefer them over Stromboli.

Melanie said...

MY # 1-Ray's egg creams all 1000 flavors--although my fave is coffee.
Googla I agree $1.00 slice from 2 Bros.
I like Mamouns falafel--it is always fresh
Hummus Place for hummus and freshly baked pitas
Mogodor's Brunch
Ray's gourmet hot dogs
Odessa's challah french toast when it's rich and eggy
Ray's frozen yogurt
My partial listing

EV Grieve said...

I'd pick something from Peter's menu too at Whole Earth Bakery...

Anonymous said...

Melanie, those aren't all on St. Mark's Place.

Melanie said...

anon--oh--did I stray??
EVG I agree--I knew I was forgetting something--Peter's apple pockets are the BEST--they remind me of my Russian Grandmother's apple pie. Another Best
Since we are restricted to St. Marks--Spot is really good-Vietnamese coffee ice cream rocks!!!

glamma said...

we should definitely have an EV Grieve Blogger list. I add - coffee from Porto Rico!
Agreed, both Nino's and 2 Bros are better than Stromboli's..
And I guess Paulie's doesn't count..

EV Grieve said...

No love for Chipotle?


Hmm. Does anyone eat at Yaffa Cafe these days? I haven't been there in years...

Melanie said...

EV Grieve-I ate at Yaffa Cafe recently and it was good and the people serving were nice and friendly and helpful. I ordered the crepes and really enjoyed them with accompanying salad with carrot dressing.

esquared said...

didn't want to disclose this but moules frites at jules

irish breakfast at st. dymphna's

anything from ray's

haven't been to yaffa's ever since b&t's and yuppies had discovered the joint and been lining up to go there

[and no love for bbq also?]

Anonymous said...

One of my sleeper favorites is the burger at Cafe Orlin.

Anonymous said...

And the KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) wings at Boka.

~evilsugar25 said...

most of the food is @Orlin is good to excellent; my fave is the chicken cutlet sandwich

spinach & mushroom crepes @Crooked Tree

slice @Nino's

haloumi eggs @Mogador

i have to disagree about Yaffa; i have given that place a couple of re-tries over the last few years. the menu looks good on paper but everything i've tried is just... not good. i want it to be good -- nice decor, 24 hours, etc., but it's just not.

j. v. said...

curry fries at dymphna. all the food there is better than it has to be.

also, rakka is better than hummus place.

crif dogs = tater tots!

Doll said...

HA! from the VV comments!

Harris Graber says:
The photo you are using for Crif Dogs is copyrighted by me, Harris Graber. You may see the original here:
I expect compensation for the use of my photo and for the violation of my copyright.
What you have done amounts to theft!
Harris Graber
Posted On: Friday, Jun. 11 2010 @ 1:12PM


Harris Graber says:
My apologies. Your photo of Crif Dogs is framed the same way, but is not the same photo. It's very similar, though, but that doesn't matter.I'm very sorry I even thought The Village Voice would use a photo of mine without permission. I'm relieved, too, because now I can keep my high opinion of your paper.
Posted On: Friday, Jun. 11 2010 @ 1:47PM

EV Grieve said...


Dang! Glad Harris won't be sore at me too! I have very little money left for legal fees now that the damn Smurfs lawyer is up my ass about the whole "defamation of cartoon character" thing.