Monday, October 4, 2010

"Apartment Eviction Sale - He Didn't Pay His Rent So We Through Him Out"

And do I detect a good deal of glee in the tone of this...?

Apartment Eviction Sale - He Didn't Pay His Rent So We Through Him Out (East 2nd Street)
Date: 2010-10-02, 4:32PM EDT

Former tenant has been evicted from a one bedroom apartment and his property has been defaulted. Mostly furniture, home electronics, bedroom set, living room items and more. List is below. Email for prices.

Rolling Executive Office Chair

Small Glass Top Computer Desk With Slide Out Draw
Simple and easy design. Metal frame with glass top. Has locking rolling coasters.

Rustic, Old Fashion Wooden Rocking Chair
Great chair. Sturdy. Very rustic and old fashioned like the ones used in old western movies. Unfinished dark brown wood.

Six Draw Computer Desk
Great desk. Very good shape. Has six draws. One can be used with hanging file folders if you wish. Solid construction in oak.

Black Stained Bi Folding Kitchen Table
Sturdy kitchen table only two years old. Black linear and fold down on both ends. Fit’s into many spaces.
Folded is 30 1/2 inches wide and 23 inches long. Unfolded is 48 inches long.

Five Level Storage Shelf – Very Durable And Sturdy. Used In Grocery Store.
Wood. 5 levels. Used as a backery rack in local grocery store. Just $25

Antique Chinese Village Montage From The 1960’s
A great piece for any space. Especially for those individuals who enjoy Asian art. Piece is made in three dimensional art form enclosed in a wooden and glass casing.

RCA Subwoofer / Speaker Combo System
Combination 2 way speaker system with integrated subwoofer in a divided enclosure and separate wire connections. Model RS2604.

Main driver = 25 watts Subwoofer = 50 watts

In good condition. One cabinet has a small piece detached but is held together with hi tinsel tape. It does not affect the performance of the speaker / sub system at all.

Vintage Green Hippie 5 Draw Dresser
A great vintage dresser from the later 60”s / early 70’s era. Green stained with vintage design. Still very durable but a great piece if you’re into eccentric furniture.

Full Size, Hand Painted Floral Female Mannequin
This uniquely painted mannequin is full size and sure to be a topic of conversation in any apartment or home. Painted from neck to toe (there is no head) Even her high heel shoes are painted. Arms and hands are detachable. Can also split in to at the waist.

[Hat tip, Blue Glass]


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I might be interested in that mannequin....

Is it anatomically correct ?

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They leave out that the bedbugs are free!!!!!!