Saturday, October 16, 2010

A chivalrous cyclist

From Craigslist:

Bicyclist Saves Girl w. Luggage - w4m - 24 (East Village)

A thank you to the nice man in a gray hoodie and red scarf who used his bicycle to block me from the angry homeless man outside my building as I struggled to get my luggage through the door.

Let the weary traveler buy you a drink?


Anonymous said...

Is this pro-cyclist propaganda? I shall not be brainwashed! Just last night as I was crossing in the crosswalk at 23rd & 3rd (an extremely busy intersection), I was nearly hit by a bicycle delivery man going against the light! One suspicious craigslist post will not sway my overall opinion of cyclists in the city.

Marty Wombacher said...

It's clearly anti-luggage propaganda brought on by some Samsonite hater.

OWR said...

Maybe the 'angy' Homeless Man was rightfully angry @ the bicyclist?
Too suspicious for me.

RatherBeBiking said...

The evil bikkker probably RAPED BOTH OF THEM.

Anonymous said...

Hey Biking.. If we're lucky, someone will do that to you.

glamma said...

sounds like the making of a classic new york lovestory.