Friday, October 8, 2010

[Updated] False alarm at the Mystery Lot

An EV Grieve reader and fellow Mystery Lot aficionado sent along this e-mail earlier today:

There's something going on there this morning. Looks like some wooden platforms have created a path from the base of the large building under construction on the corner of 14th and 3rd. And some dirty metal things (scaffolding parts?) are being placed on them. I hope this leads to some sort of haunted house installation. Likely not.

Then! Before EV Grieve could scramble onto the scene for a photo... the reader wrote back:'s gone now.

(The platform, not the Mystery Lot)

[Cursing at sky]


A Curbed reader got a photo of the mystery structure....

[Via Curbed]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nothing will ever be built there. The lot is haunted by the ghost of Lenny Bruce.

(for those that don't know, Lenny played the Jefferson Theater which stood on that spot.)