Monday, October 11, 2010

How the bomb scare is impacting the Second Avenue bike lane

Take it slow starting at Third Street....


Anonymous said...

I wish we could merge the two thoughts and bomb the bike lanes.

Anonymous said...

Honest question: has anyone seen the city ticketing unauthorized vehicles parked in the bike lanes?

Call me a cynic, but I have the suspicion that the newly installed lanes were designed to generate money for the city from drivers parked illegally.

Anonymous said...

"Take it slow starting at Third Street.... "

Or (for most of you who are going the wrong way UP 2nd Avenue) take it slow starting at First Street !

RatherBeBiking said...

Anonymous 5:34pm :

The previous lane had a far higher rate of vehicular obstruction, which results in a lot more tickets.

The previous lane was placed exactly where you would double park, and the current one is completely removed in most places from the part of the street vehicles are meant to use. I don't see how that's going to result in more tickets for drivers.

People like anonymous 5:29 just can't handle the fact that they can no longer double park in the bike lane to make their lives easier, and whine about the lanes incessantly.

NYCETC said...

ha ha ha "like"

and Anon @5:34 - agreed.

Anonymous said...

I think anon 5:34 is on to something. Notice how many more cars are getting tickets but none of the countless bicyclists who ride up the lanes the wrong way and go through red lights are being ticketed. Not that I am a big car fan. But it isn't fair. You're taking your life into your hands trying to get a cab on First and Second Avenues now.

Chris said...

Anon @ 8:35am: Where are these magical parking tickets you're talking about? I ride the lanes almost every day and have never once seen a car ticketed or a cop writing a ticket for a car parked in the bike lane.

Like I've said before, if the NYPD actually enforced the laws for anyone and everyone - cars, bikes, and pedestrians - the situation wouldn't be so bad.

Anonymous said...

@5:34 PM
"Honest question: has anyone seen the city ticketing unauthorized vehicles parked in the bike lanes?"

Yeah sure. Right after they finish issuing tickets for people leaving their dog shit on the sidewalks.

what vehicles are "authorized" to park in bike lanes?

RatherBeBiking said...

City emergency vehicles, and some others.

USPS vehicles, effectively since they cannot be ticketed, towed, or otherwise penalized for such infractions, and Access-A-Ride vehicles. Possibly school buses soon - but as of now they aren't supposed to.

Anonymous said...


Nope. None of the vehicles you sited are authorized to "park" in bike lanes. Not anymore than they are authorized to "park" on sidewalks.

RatherBeBiking said...

CB3, at least, seems to think Access A Rides are currently allowed to unload and load in bike lanes. What are your requirements for me to say "emergency vehicles are allowed to park in bike lanes"?

If they never get ticketed for it, are conducting their jobs in response to an emergency, or might be, then they are effectively allowed to do it. There is no penalization whatsoever for an ambulance, fire truck, or police vehicle blocking a bike lane except for a scolding and recommendation not to do it.

If there is an emergency in progress, I want emergency personal to park wherever they need to - even on a sidewalk if somehow necessary.