Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In which Cat Sitter watches Keanu Reeves get chased by extras down 11th Street

A dispatch from our friend Cat Sitter in the City ... who's trying to get some work down while "Generation Um" films nearby:

I keep getting distracted by the sound of someone yelling instructions and people cheering. I just went outside to see what's going on, and I found myself standing about six feet away from Keanu Reeves on the corner of 11th Street and Avenue A. Dressed all in black, he is tall and handsome as you would expect.

I didn't want to snap a photo of him because I felt like I would be invading his privacy (I wouldn't fare so well as a paparazzo, would I?), so I took a picture of the other people in the scene with him. They were all dressed like cowboys and cowgirls, and they kept chasing Keanu out of the parking lot and down 11th Street.

But will Keanu join Cat Sitter for lunch and CNBC?


Cat Sitter in the City said...

I don't know how people who work in film production do it. I was standing there watching for just a few minutes, then I got all fidgety, then I got bored, then I got hungry, then I felt cranky, then I had to go to the bathroom, then I was cold, then I went home and got back to work on my story, which is, coincidentally, about film production.

Larry Slade said...

Are there people lying on the pavement in the lot? It that extras holding for this production?

These things are generally more fun to work on than watching other people work on them, and than having to sit through the final products.

shmnyc said...

I even saw him myself. I'm sure I see famous people fairly often, I just never recognize them. (I'm not up on celebrity culture). For some reason though, I recognized him. I was with my 9-year-old son and some friends of his, taking one of them back to her mother's apartment, when he passed. I told them "Hey, that was the guy from 'The Matrix' we just passed."

"Which one?" they asked.

"The guy... who was The One, who... defeated that other guy at the end with his really fast kung fu," I said.

"Oh, Neil. He's not so great." "Yeah, those movies weren't so good."

So there you have it. The 4th graders have weighed in.

It's too bad I didn't get a picture of him. I would have put it onto my own blog, with a long story about how the only celebrity I've ever recognized was Andy Warhol, back in the mid-80s.

Anonymous said...

I saw it, too. People were lying on the ground as the scene began and jumped up and starting hooting and hollering.