Thursday, January 13, 2011

Easy as 123, apparently

The Post today looks at how some new developments managed to survive during these challenging economic times... and they feature our very own 123 Third Avenue coming to life at 14th Street and Third Avenue in East Union Square ...

Per the article:
“People aren’t buying from paper anymore, they want to see what they’re getting,” says Corcoran Sunshine Marketing’s Henry Hershkowitz, sales director for 123 Third Ave. ... “You don’t want to wait until it’s totally done; you just want the tools to sell it.”

At 123 Third Ave., Hershkowitz has been able to put more than 80 percent of the units into contract. Condos start as low as $600,000 and go up to $4.525 million.“More than 50 percent [of the building is made up of] one-bedrooms,” Hershkowitz says. “They sold quickly. They’re all sold out.”

And $600,000 is considered "low?"



Lisa said...

I was on the M14 the other day, sitting behind a young Chinese couple; when the bus pulled abreast of this place the woman leaped up and began reading the info on the sidewalk shed aloud to her companion, who wrote it all down. Even after we'd gone past it they were excitedly talking (in Mandarin) and craning their heads to get last looks. Guess we know who's buying in there.

Anonymous said...

Just standing on that corner stresses me out. I can't imagine living there.

OWR said...

One Ugly Fucken Building..yech..

Anonymous said...

4 milly to live on 14th street! get out!!