Thursday, January 6, 2011

[Updated] Fire on Seventh Street

[From EV Grieve reader Clotilde Testa — check out her website here]

There are multiple reader reports of another fire last night around 11:45 ... best estimates at this point puts it at 129 Seventh St. above the Peter Jarema Funeral Home... as of this time, we do not have any details on the extent of damage or injuries. One reader reports hearing breaking glass and a woman screaming, "is he alive! Is he alive!"

We'll certainly have more on this as the day progresses

Updated: Per DNAinfo — "A blaze began on the first floor of a five-story East Vilage residential building at 7th Street and First Avenue just before midnight, an FDNY spokesman said. The fire was contained to one apartment and was put out by 12:13 a.m., officials said. One firefighter was transported to New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center for minor injuries after working on the East Village blaze."

[From EV Grieve reader Steve]

[From reader Clotilde Testa]

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Anonymous said...

fffffkkkk.... time to get my "Go Bag" ready at the foot of my bed w/changes of clothes, important paperwork, and contact lenses just in case.. and my cat's carrier. Oh lord, if I ever lost my cat in a fire. :*-(

dmbream said...

Doesn't Ray live in that building?

Anonymous said...

what is going on?

Anonymous said...

The women was shouting about her dog. The firemen and a paramedic were giving the dog oxygen and he seemed to be ok around 12:30 last night.

Lisa said...

This is getting past the point of weirdness and into the eerie zone. Are our buildings really that much more flammable, and our residents that much more careless, than those of other neighborhoods?

Animal people - get those stickers for your front doors that let firefighters know what kind of and how many critters you have inside!

Anonymous said...


Chicks and there frickin "scented" and "decorative votive candles"
Use a lightbulb like the rest of us. This is getting out of control!

Traven said...

Dear Grieve,

Are you considering changing your name to "EV Fire Central?"

EV Grieve said...


Ha! I hope not!

blue glass said...

Chicks and there frickin "scented" and "decorative votive candles"

where did it say that it was a scented decorative votiv candle lit by a chick?

not electrical
not the landlord
not a guy stoned on something
not a cigarette dropped
or a match played with
gez, get a life

Anonymous said...

any body knows why there was a helicopter flying around tompkins square yesterday around 6pm?

Goggla said...

Jeez, what the heck is going on with all these fires?!

Anonymous said...

again sadly the homeland nazi security pelosi agents called the fdny engines 6, 9, 33, 24, 18, 11, 1, 5 just to name a few will kill you by firebombing you or as 33 can shoot you see they think they are better than all of us just ask their stalinist leader salvatore cassano fdny fire commissioner how he enjoys burning you alive time to turn the tide around for these dirty drunk pyros and let them get a taste of their own medicine if you know what i mean after they have started thousands of fires for their corrupt nazi federal bosses in washington

Anonymous said...

Hey, anon 1:55 (or, I believe, CHRIS), please be crazy somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Oh oh. BlueGlass must run one of the groovy shops where all the chicks go to buy their frickin scented and votive candles. What's the matter? 'fraid my comments will hurt your business? Yeah, that's right... you'd better run!
Every fire in this town is started by chicks and their frickin scented and votive candles. There must be an end to these chicks and their frickin scented and votive candles before it's too late!
Who's with me...!!