Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Candela Candela team opening Crudo Vineria Con Cucina in Little Italy

On Monday evening, I walked through Little Italy in search of Mario Batali's Eataly. Couldn't find it!

Seriously, though, I did spot what's coming to the former Umberto's space on Broome Street — Crudo Vineria Con Cucina ... And there's an East Village connection here.

As Grub Street reported, the team behind the Cuban-Italian spot Candela Candela on Second Avenue between Fifth Street and Sixth Street will serve southern Italian cuisine here. Crudo is expected to open today. (And as you may know, Umberto's Clam House relocated down the way on Mulberry.)

Meanwhile, in the space next door, BoweryBoogie pointed out that Sal's is moving here from their current Broome and Mott location.

Hope that they keep the "Heart of Little Italy" signage...


Anonymous said...

the real little italy is arthur ave.

bryan said...

The yellow paintjob and new cheap-ass signage on the old Umberto's location are *heinous*. Seriously disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah what the fuck is up with shitty ass generic plasticky signs on so many new places?