Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tomorrow in Tompkins Square Park: Puke Island 2011

Per The Shadow website:


As many of you know, the first Punk Island was complete and utter chaos, and 100% free expression. A badly organized bolt from the blue. Without going into detail, it's gotten way TOO organized for a lot of people.

COME ON DOWN to Tompkins Square Park on Sunday, June 26, from 2 pm - 6 pm (one week after Punk Island), and bask in what it used to be.

The schedule at this point is subject to change, and a couple bands need to be confirmed, but right now it looks like:

2PM - The Autistics
2:40 - The Straight Edge Huffers (featuring Johnny Waste)
3:20 - Sexual Suicide
4PM - Agitator
4:40 - Up Your Bucket (members of KILSLUG)
5:20 - Olde York


Kurt said...

"Tomorrow in Tompkins Square Park: Puke Island 2011"

The headline is hilarious and true but probably unintentional.

CoryGreenwell said...

Without beer or drugs, I doubt too many people will be puking at punk island

Jay Cjay said...

Earlier commenters are missing the point: the headline is certainly intentional. "Punk Island" was last weekend; this weekend's event is dubbed "Puke Island".

nygrump said...

I knew the first punk island sucked when I had to be searched in order to get on the fairy - always the security function of entertainment, 'get used to it' the nazis keep telling me.


That's not even the official flyer. That would be HERE: