Thursday, June 30, 2011

On the CB3/SLA July docket: the bakery bar; other stuff!

Oh my! We're still sorting through this month's CB3/SLA madness... and along comes the docket for July! Drowning... in... liquor ... licenses...

Kidding! ... So the fun continues on Monday, July 18 at 6:30 pm — JASA/Green Residence, 200 E. Fifth St. at the Bowery.

Here are a few of the items on the agenda...

Renewal with Complaint History
• 1011, 171 Ave C (op)

Complaints? Teneleven? This is a fine neighborhood bar.

Applications within Resolution Areas
• Tozzer Ltd, 112 Ave A (alt/op)

Hmm... 112 Avenue A is the Niagara's address...

• Solo Pizza (Solo Pizza Inc), 27 Ave B (wb)

• Duke's (Lime 673 Inc), 129 Ave C (op)

• The Cardinal Restaurant #1 Inc, 234 E 4th St (wb)

• U2 (Joy Café Inc), 6 St Marks Pl (3rd & 4th Floors) (wb)

U2 (or 2U) karaoke is looking to make a comeback here at the former Mondo Kim's.

• TDD & G LLC, 126 St Marks Pl (op)

The former Why? Curry space which is now called what?

• The Toucan & The Lion (Type A Goods LLC), 342 E 6th St (alt/up/op)

The former Mara's Homemade.

• Bowery Tech Restaurant LLC, 327 Bowery (alt/up/op)

An alteration of some sort for the Bowery Electric...

• Pangea (Judex Enterprises Inc), 178 2nd Ave (alt/op/sidewalk café)

• Vandaag (Better Living Food Corp), 103 2nd Ave (alt/op)

New Liquor License Applications
• Asian Chef Express Inc, 96 3rd Ave (wb)

• Shima Japanese Restaurant (H&T Restaurant LLC), 188 2nd Ave (wb)

• Phoenix (Hughes Murray Walsh Corp), 447 E 13th St (op)

• Sweet Boutique (Sweet Boutique NY Ltd), 85 2nd Ave (wb)

Ah! The bakery bar moving into the former Sin Sin space...

• Company, 242 E 10th St (op)

• To Be Determined, 700 E 9th St (op)

Hmm, this is the address of Banjo Jim's ...

• To Be Determined, 308 E 6th St (op)

This is Zerza, the Moroccan place...

• To Be Determined, 81 E 7th St (op)

This is Krystal's Cafe 81, with the shamwow sign.

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Uncle Waltie said...

I definitely need another bar on my way home. CB3...I'd like you to approve them all!