Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trying to save a parking space on East First Street

Early yesterday evening, a man was trying to hold a parking spot on East First Street near Extra Place. Meanwhile, another motorist pulled up to take the space. No, the man said. I'm reserving this spot. The woman rolled down her window, and said something like You can't save a space. She inched toward him. He didn't budge. They faced each other for a little longer than you might imagine.

The man motioned down the street to the person in the white car that he was saving the space for. The second motorist, a woman, then tried to back into the space. However, the first motorist wouldn't budge. An impasse. The man continued to gesture and claim that he had saved the space.

Then another man showed up. He got into the debate. You can't save a space. It appeared that he was friends with the woman in the first car. They continued the discussion.

Eventually, the man who had been saving the spot then parked the car two vehicles to the west of where he was saving the original space.

Drama over. The evening continued.


Anonymous said...

You realize this is all a Seinfeld episode.

Anonymous said...

What a dick.

Hey19 said...

Its scary sometimes how dead on Seinfeld was to normal life.

Anonymous said...

You can only hold a space in New York with a permit or as FDNY/NYPD personal.
Standing there is a jerk off move.

BTW, They ain't "travelers" they're scumbags. Bob should stop giving them airtime

Anonymous said...

What's the difference a body or a car..first one to be there gets the spot.I wonder what the law say's..i once saw two dudes have a fist fight over this exact problem,Try pulling that stunt in front of the HA Clubhouse.DieYuppieScum.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely of course you can save a space. Must be willing to die for it. But absolutely.

Anonymous said...

There is a simple solution. Get rid of all on-street parking in NYC, and widen the sidewalks so there is actually room to walk.

- East Villager

glamma said...

I for one believe that YES you CAN save a space.
what it really comes down to is a simple triumph of the will.
Can we see a show of hands?
I would love to see some consensus on this issue.