Wednesday, June 29, 2011

An update on the plan to save UNDER St. Marks

As we reported back in March, 94 St. Mark's Place is for sale... the building houses UNDER St. Marks, which is operated by Horse Trade Theater Group.

Here's an update on what has been happening... and what the plans are for UNDER St. Marks via the Horse Trade website:

Since we learned that our building was up for sale, we have had good meetings with our landlord, and he has promised to work with us to buy the space. There have been no other offers on the building.

We are developing plans to convert the building into artist housing, expand the seating capacity of the theater, and create a coffee shop/wine bar/lobby entrance to the theater. We are investigating multiple ways to make the space self-sustained and green, including creating a green rooftop, using the artist housing as a B&B when empty and working out the plans for the lobby space.

We have an architect, lawyer, and realtor who will donate their time to create the plans and package needed to go after larger funders. We have put together a fundraising committee and we are recruiting new boardmembers.

We have ongoing fundraising events planned in the space for the coming months. We have raised 20% of our funding goal with only 10 percent of our friends contributing. We are asking 1,000 of our friends to help us by giving $50 by July 4. Click on the link to our indiegogo page here and learn more about the project and about our well-loved and well-used theater space.

This video provides more details...

Find them on Facebook at Save UNDER St. Marks And for a list of upcoming shows, please go here.

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Bowery Boy said...

Would it be so much easier and cheaper to just move to Mo Pitkins?

Anonymous said...

Mo Pitkins is not around anymore is it? also not a theater. to add to this the theater has been around for 20 years. Spalding Grey did early work on Swimming to Cambodia in that space. And if the whole building is sold to someone else it will be torn down and there will be another metal and glass highrise in the neighborhood. is where people can go to donate to save the theater.

Bowery Boy said...

ok, maybe I should have said 34 Ave A. It would make as good a theater as it would a music venue.