Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New sinkhole proves that the Bowery isn't all glam yet

EV Grieve reader Michele Campo sends along the above photo, noting that a (roughly) 6-by-6 sinkhole opened up on the Bowery just north of Broome Street just after noon today.

Meanwhile, look for the sinkhole to apply for a liquor license soon.


Marty Wombacher said...

If you climb down the hole there's a food truck selling octopus tacos down there. And everyone who works at the truck are mole men! A true Superman TV moment!

Anonymous said...

EV monster lives in there?

Anonymous said...

Its Summer of the Sinkhole, I see it coming. I read in the news about a really big one today up on 57th st. Motorists, cyclists, pedestrians really got to watch out! Especially with the hot weather coming.

-------m said...

they are still at work at the mammoth hole - which had what seemed to be brick lined sides in the cavity - WOW - some archaeological artifacts down yonder perhaps?
the department of city planning may yet try to get another hotel built there - liquor license pending!!