Thursday, June 9, 2011

No opening day set for the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop on Seventh Street

Last month, Serious Eats reported that the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck is opening a brick-and-mortar shop at the former Xoom space on Seventh Street.

In a video interview posted yesterday at The Amateur Gourmet, Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff discussed the Big Gay Ice Cream Empire, which includes a book next summer.

At about the 1:25 mark, Quint tells Adam Roberts that the space is coming along. But! How about an opening date? "It opens when it's ready to be opened," he said. "We want to learn how to run the store properly before we open. So we aren't going to set a date."

And, well, here's the whole interview ...

Someone's In The Kitchen With...Doug Quint & Bryan Petroff (from The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck) from Adam Roberts on Vimeo.

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