Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SOS Chefs, high-end supplier to A-list restaurateurs, is closing on Avenue B

Here at 104 Avenue B near Seventh Street, SOS Chefs has been supplying chefs and foodies alike with with everything from almond syrup to truffle oil to Turkish figs. (New York magazine once noted that Momofuku’s David Chang and Prune’s Gabrielle Hamilton are fans.)

However, as the sign on the door to customers notes, SOS is closing up its shop.

Per the sign: "We are going to take some time to discover new things, and to see what the next steps may be in the evolution of SOS Chefs."

One reader who recently stopped in said that the owners wanted to spend more time with their family. No word on where the Guard Cat will relocate.


Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

The chef at Dirt Candy thinks SOS Chefs, her spice purveyor, is closing because "’s just gotten too hard with the economy so tight and the margins getting smaller..."

And after 15 years, was the lease up too?

Melanie said...

SOS was a great shop. Their Himalayan pink salt display looked like jewels. I remember this walking into the shop. Best of Luck in your new endevors SOS.

Phil Michaelson said...

Aw, sad. At SOS Chefs I learned their mushroom supply from Japan was disrupted by the earthquake and tsunami...prompting me to launch a cookbook for Japan to both teach Japanese cooking techniques and raise funds for Japan that ended up on NY1.

I'll miss exploring and learning there....but I'll probably save some money.