Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Are you there God? It's me, Veselka

A "Today" show correspondent filed a report early this morning from Veselka on Second Avenue... We look forward to seeing this online, perhaps. Meanwhile!

Per the TV, Veselka has "God amazing food."

Well, we love The Baczynski, but we're not quite ready to put it in God's stratosphere.

Photo via Shawn Chittle.


Anonymous said...

Is that lady a stroke victim? I'm concerned about that twisted corner of her mouth.

Anonymous said...

People these days overuse this word "amazing". And now it's all burned out now and doesn't mean much in the common parlance anymore. The way I see it amazement is something that happens very occasionally. If you walk around everyday amazed by every other thing you see or hear about, then what does that say about you. Either it means you are a genuine naive rube or else that you simply suck at describing things with words. Usually it is the latter.

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

I agree 100% with Anonymous @ 1:41 PM that the word "awesome" is overused in life. Use of "astonishing!" or "astounding!" is recommended instead. Thank you.

Also, what's with the way that the letter "d" is lisped by kids and announcers on tv? Like stu-dent and Jor-dan. It's gotten so bad, we can only watch PBS now.