Thursday, September 22, 2011

LUNGS aims to promote and preserve Lower East Side gardens

LUNGS — Loisaida United Neighborhood Gardens — is a new group to, as the flyer shows, "work to promote, protect and preserve gardening and greening on the Lower East Side." First meeting: Saturday afternoon at 1 in the garden at 311 E. Eighth St.


Victoria said...

I'll be there! I do hope something can be done about the flea market/garden on 8th with the lawn ornaments. A tree was uprooted during the hurricane and still nothing has been done about it. That garden is dilapidated and with proper care it could be thriving.

Anonymous said...

Does First Street Green count as a garden? Please don't let any other garden turn into the BMW/Guggenhiem Lab. Thanks. Much support. Protect our gardens!

Elissa said...

A photographic & mapping survey of existing community gardens was done in the summer of 2009 for the Sixth Street Community Center.

It used to house the NYC Garden Coalition & Earth Celebrations which ran the Rites of Spring/Winter extravaganzas which visited each neighborhood garden twice a year with an entourage that was something between pilgrimage and carnival.

By comparing the maps from those festivals to the gardens that were extant in 2009, we found that the Lower East Side/East Village had lost 50 of its one time 100 gardens.

If anyone is interested in seeing highlights of those photos from 2009, here is the link:

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to free downloadable walking tours of the gardens, written to get them better visibility. The concern was that their history as a site of activism at a time when Greenthumb leases were coming up for renewal was becoming invisible to newer neighborhood residents and garden visitors.