Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Former Octavia's Porch space yielding to a Mexican restaurant at 40 Avenue B

CB3 hasn't even yet distributed the SLA commitee agenda for October ... though we already know of one applicant here at 40 Avenue B. Looks as if the name might be Fonda operating as a contemporary Mexican restaurant. The owners will be aiming for a beer-wine license.

In May, the "Global Jewish" restaurant from "Top Chef" alum Nikki Cascone closed after six months. Chabela's and Russo's have been in and out of here in fairly quick succession in recent years.

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Hey19 said...

I have mixed feelings here. Dont want this to bump into my buddies at Snack Dragon, but also would love to see this work out for a place w a more extended mexican menu, and more extended hours.

This address is like the Bermuda Triangle though, right?