Sunday, September 25, 2011

Today in passive-aggressive notes on East Fourth Street

We watched the woman place this on the door of 234 E. Fourth St. between Avenue A and Avenue B (Madonna's old building!) earlier this evening ... "To the guys that applauded my parking job (you live on the top floor). Thank you! It totally made my day — I had a really long day at work!"


Anonymous said...

Ha! I can totally relate. The second time I ever parallel parked a car was in a tight spot directly in front of a group of construction workers eating lunch. They saw that "STUDENT DRIVER" sticker and were like "You can do it!" And I did. They gave me a standing ovation and it totally made my day.

Jill said...

I've been applauded twice for parking. Once I got the car parked, with the result of touching both cars front and back. It was so great that someone else not only saw me do it, but appreciated the effort.

Crazy Eddie said...

Back in the day, Woody knew how to advise people to parallel park.