Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The campaign to save Heathers

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We talked about Heathers several times last week after the CB3/SLA committee voted not to renew the East 13th Street bar's liquor license. (You can read our posts here ... and here.) As we noted, the liquor license expires on Oct. 31.

Eater reports that the State Liquor Authority votes on the matter on Oct. 1 (They work on Saturdays?).

And more per Eater:

Rather than silently await their fate, Heathers is doing its best to turn public opinion in their favor by sending out a press release to plead their case. Owner Heather Millstone blames it all on the smoking law, saying that her customers have to go outside to smoke and despite their best efforts, sometimes these smokers make noise that drives her neighbors crazy.

You can read the rest of the post here.


Anonymous said...

I used to live in the building next to Heather's. One of my neighbors was an ardent fighter against the place. I faced the back so it didn't bother me, but I can say that the customers at Heathers were really an irritating bunch. They were always crowding the street and sitting on our front doorstep and generally seemed to be cooler-than-thou hipster shits who relished leaving junk in bike baskets etc.

If Heather wanted to curtail the complaints she should have banned those people from gathering out front and sent them to Ave A with the rest of the mobs. Or hired a stricter bouncer or something.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, I once looked at an apartment across the street from Heathers and the landlady said that they take pride that there are no bars on the street.... except for Heathers which she mentioned in disgust. She said that the block has been trying to get rid of them since they opened. Heathers never stood a chance and no matter what they do, the complaints will keep coming until they are gone.

glamma said...

nothing in particular against them personally, but they opened a bar on an entirely residential street, i mean what did they think was going to happen? if they don't get to stay it would at least send the right message to the community at large. that said, there are far worse offenders than heathers.

Jon Bernstein said...

I live in the building right next to Heathers and while there can be a crowd there on weekend nights it's nowhere near as bad or loud as the bars on ave A like the Horse Box or Common Ground. It does get packed on Friday or Saturday nights but other than that it's one of the more subdued bars in the area. That said it's not like it has a particularly unique or compelling atmosphere that needs to be saved or anything.

Kurt said...

I just got the news that Heather's has had their liquor license renewed by the SLA. Sorry CB3.