Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Helen Stratford in Tompkins Square Park today

Helen Stratford by Bobby Williams.


Ashley Elizabeth said...

She was playing in the 6th Street Community Garden on a small bench this past Sunday - absolutely beautiful. I couldn't help but stop and listen - made me smile.

pennys herb co. said...

a very special person!!!!!

Gabi Sutter said...

This is very personelly für Helen from Gabi in Germany. I have no idea, if she can get this manage over this posting, but I hope like this.
Please, if somebody can tell me her emailadress or so i am very thankfully. We were very good friends 12 years ago and we performed together in New York city. Please, help me to find my friend Helen.
Thank you for Your Help, whoever it is

Carrie Estill said...

Helen's music cheers up anyone's day. Be well, Helen. Always. Carrie