Friday, September 23, 2011

The Porch moving on from Avenue C

Very reliable sources tell Dave on 7th that The Porch, the summery, two-level bar between Eighth Street and Seventh Street, is relocating to another part of the city. We stopped by last night. The place was closed. And no one was answering the phone.

Never been here ourselves. Kind of knew what it was all about. Per the Porch website: "More than a bar or lounge, 'The Porch' is an oasis for the mind, body and spirit. One step inside and you will be transported to a magical world that simultaneously elicits nostalgic memories of swinging on your grandmother’s porch swing while sipping a cool glass of lemonade as a child and of traveling to a distant, mysterious and romantic land."

[Dramatic pause]

Oh, and the source says that an Indian restaurant is taking over the space. At least that's what the rumor is along here.


Hey19 said...

Porch was fine, a bit loungey etc for me, but I have had some good nights there. Ill take a good, cheap indian resto though.

glamma said...

glad to hear this. yet i shudder to think what will replace them. from 7th to 9th looks like fort lauderdale or something. trashy girls and people drinking frozen drinks in giant plastic tubes, at 3pm nonetheless

glamma said...

ok - indian. please be cheap, and vegetarian!

Anonymous said...

While we're at it: Would someone please close that terrible Sunburnt Cow? Trashy.eme

Anonymous said...

I lived a few doors down from the porch and it was a nightmare. Loud screaming people all night, loud happy birthdays at midnight. After many 311s and little ernest change made we resulted to our own methods of getting some quiet - lopping eggs into the backyard or water balloons filled with food dye. Loved that little scream when someone got hit - we would laugh our heads off. We hated them and I am glad they are gone.