Thursday, September 22, 2011

New bakery now open on Ninth Street

A reader reports that Zucker, a Mediterranean-style bakery, opened today... The reader says that the place has a "nice, laid-back vibe" with Stumptown coffee and a limited selection of baked goods as they were still filling the cases.

As Patrick Hedlund noted at DNAinfo, Zucker is "the brainchild of Village resident Zohar Zohar, an Israeli native who decided to return to the culinary world after taking nearly a decade off to devote to her family."

We stopped by for a quick photo and will check it out once they are a little more settled in...


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BaHa said...

They were selling cookies at the 9th St fair last weekend. Nice people and very good cookies yummy...but two bucks for three tiny rugelach? I'll be getting mine at Moishe's.