Friday, September 9, 2011

Envisioning the future beyond the BMW Guggenheim Lab; plus, rat cookies!

From the EV Grieve inbox ... slightly edited for length...

Since 2008, First Street Green’s mission has been to transform the Parks Department–owned, vacant lot at 33 E. First Street from a rat-infested derelict space into a community culture park.

Our phase 1 goal to remove the rubble and create a simple-to-maintain plaza and cultural space has been achieved. First Street Green’s efforts with the Parks Department have led to the hosting of the BMW Guggenheim Lab at the lot this year. The Guggenheim has provided an at grade plaza that will remain after the Lab moves on. Now, we are working with the BMW Guggenheim Lab team to plan for the future of the lot.

As part of this effort, First Street Green will be hosting the Lab’s September 10, “What’s Next” workshop to get your ideas on what should happen in the future park. Please come and give us a piece of your mind.

10 a.m. — Meet and greet with volunteers and participants
11 a.m. – 1 p.m. — History of First Park and 33 E. 1st Street Site
2 - 5 p.m. — It’s My Park videos: producer, Adrian Sas Visioning Wall workshop: Modular inspiration/idea sculpture Community survey and balloon run: to canvas neighborhood, invite participation
5 -7 p.m. — Reception: presentation of completed visioning wall. Refreshments, music
7 – 9 p.m. — PUBLIC NOTICE: AN EXHAUSTED FILM + LIVE-CINEMA PERFORMANCE: Ofri Cnaani, Cheryl Kaplan and Kathryn Alexander

Meanwhile, there was a little behind-the-scenes dramaabout this event involving ... cookies. The organizers wanted some locally produced cookies; BMW bigs said no, that this was the domain of its sole food vendor, the Brooklyn-based Roberta's. Roberta's people dittoed that.

Anyway. It all worked out in the end... The Lower Eastside Girls Club will be serving free “rat” cookies and truffles to the first 500 community rodentologists who participate in the First Street Green envisioning “What’s Next” workshops.


bowery boy said...

This reads a lot like it'll be them doing all the talking, but no listening. Where's the slot in the schedule when we "give us a piece of your mind"? I'm disappointed already... or should I say... again.

blue glass said...

all the food - all the time - should have been provided from a local place for the entire museum life on 1st street.
isn't the new "green" slogan "buy local"?

Crazy Eddie said...

10 AM - 9 PM? What am I wood? What am I soup? Forget about it!

RobbieTheK said...

What about the little space behind the fence, towards the north side? I'd guess it belongs to the apartment/co-op complex there but that huge gaping hole and additional rat trap is such a mess, complete with a bicycle frame and graffiti...

Lux Living said...

Well played Lower Eastside Girls Club!!! Go girls!

Anonymous said...

Still steamed that Roberta's, which is in Brooklyn, is the food provider. They couldn't have hired an East Village restaurant? And shame on Roberta's for swooping in for the lucrative contract. I'll never eat there again.