Monday, September 19, 2011

How much longer will the lights be covered in Tompkins Square Park?

Workers covered up a handful of the lights in Tompkins Square Park at the start of the Thursday night summer movie series on June 30 ... the last film was the makeup date for "Rosemary's Baby" on Sept. 8.

A reader wonders how much longer those handful of lights (5-6) will remain covered in the Park...


Anonymous said...

Odd, isn't it?

Those lights should be lit already. They are beautiful and charming, and appropriate to the city.

I wish the city would replace the highway still lighting of most streets with far more aesthetic low-height lighting such as this. Philly and other cities have done this to great effect.

Wasn't there a competition a few years back to design new street lighting for the city? What came of that?

- East Villager

Eden Bee said...

I blame THE TREE.