Saturday, September 10, 2011

More on the woman's body found this morning along Avenue B

[Dave on 7th]

This morning, we reported that a woman's body was found outside St. Brigid's on Avenue B ... Colin Moynihan at the Times has a follow-up piece on the discovery ... the police ID'd her as a woman in her 50s... Tompkins Square Park regulars said the woman's name was Liz ... Meanwhile, an EV Grieve reader noted: "I just walked past there again and one of her friends was bawling, 'Why did you do this, Liz?!' Poor guy. He was devastated."

We often see people sleeping in this alcove between the under-renovation St. Brigid's rectory and the school. Dave on 7th took the above photo on Aug. 28 as the remnants of Hurricane Irene hit the city...

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