Wednesday, September 7, 2011

'One of the East Village’s last standing bohemians soldiers on'

The Times has a feature today on Larry Fagin, who continues to give private creative-writing lessons as well as edit and produce various small publications. Article excerpt:

Four stories above East 12th Street, down the hall from Allen Ginsberg’s old apartment, one of the East Village’s last standing bohemians soldiers on.

Mr. Fagin, 74 years old, second-generation beat, New York School veteran, friend of Ted Berrigan, publisher of Ashbery, lives with his wife, Susan Noel, also a writer, in adjoining rent-controlled apartments in the building near Avenue A.

The article notes that he pays $150 a month in rent "in what he calls the 'Chelsea Hotel of the East Village.'"

Read the article here.


Jeremiah Moss said...

love this:

All in all, Mr. Fagin takes a blighted view of the current generation of aspiring artists, whom he likened to “pod people.”

“They are so inundated by information, they have no way to sort all this stuff out — it’s like being perpetually electrocuted but not realizing it,” he said.


Just cause you're old and grumpy doesn't make your words or comments the gospel truth. Today's youth are doing art in new and exciting ways.