Wednesday, September 7, 2011

People like the Department of Transportation's Flaming Cactus installation, the Department of Transportation says

[Bobby Williams]

The Times has an update on Flaming Cactus, those neon zip ties on light poles on Astor Place/Cooper Square ... And EV Grieve readers make an appearance in the article:

To judge from a few of the anonymous comments on the EV Grieve blog [Ed note: WOO!], a couple of people would happily start the untying tomorrow. Others wonder about how the ties will look after a few seasons have passed. Or they worry that the needlelike loose ends of the ties might poke a child or a dog in the eye.

But Scott Gastel, a spokesman for the Department of Transportation, said on Friday that the agency had received no complaints so far; only compliments.

Read the whole article here. You have until next June to enjoy/hate it.

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Brian Van said...

Damn bicycle lanes!

Anna said...

Me! I like the Cactus, very much.

John M said...

Look, if you're willing to believe that the bike lanes are a huge success according to the city, you have to buy that the cactus is a big hit, too.

Me, I don't believe either one. Although if the bikes lanes were initially used by 0.005% of the population and are now used by 0.01%, you can say, wow! 100% increase!

Anonymous said...

Just because there were no complaints, as Transportation claims, it doesn't mean that that installation doesn't suck tepid ass.

Moreover, it's commissioned by the city; so, if there were any complaints at all, Transporatation will not admit to it for they may feel the wrath of Bloomturd.

The compliments are most likely coming from the newyly transplants, tourists, and NYU students who think that this is the most interesting thing they've seen other than the mowed manicured lawn that they see everyday from the suburbs.

And yes, haters are gonna hate, and the naive are gonna be guileless.

Anonymous said...

I say groovy
and so is mosaic man.
Enlighten them all!

Anonymous said...

Nothing enlightening about that installation. Blinding, not enlightening.

That installation is a microcosm on what's happening to the EV. Just because things are bright and shiny, e.g the condos, don't make it better or praiseworthy. It's like the hordes of drunken idiots that invade the EV: look at me, look at me, i'm bright and loud and obnoxious and offensive, but i am too narcissistic to see it. That installation is a symbol and representation of the generation "me".

Tom said...

I like it a lot. For what it's worth, I am hardly a new transplant from the suburbs. I was born in the Baruch Housing Projects and have lived between Delancey and 14th Streets for 45 years.

Anonymous said...

awkward and inane. but of course people are gonna like it because people are tards and the east village is full of them.

glamma said...

plastic is bad for the planet.
why don't they just give the funds to mosaic man.

Anonymous said...

The installation is cute, colorful, lively. Is it art? Not sure about that. More like a temporary decoration.

I would have preferred brightly colored tire spikes installed in the streets, which pop out of the street whenever someone runs a red light.

- East Villager

Anonymous said...

Honestly, it's better than nothing. But more aesthetically appealing public art is truly lacking in this city. Even Philadelphia has far more public sculpture and art.

- East Villager