Monday, September 12, 2011

Yarn-covered cart continues magical mystery East Village tour

The yarn-covered grocery cart — an Agata Olek original – continues to make the rounds. This weekend, the cart appeared on First Avenue at 11th Street.

Then! Yesterday! Several readers spotted the cart on the move — with a chaperone!

At 14th Street and First Avenue heading south. Photo by EV Grieve reader Joe...


Avenue B and 12th Street via @armrooster ... who reports the fellow "was walking very slowly and singing very loudly."


Anna said...

This "chaperone" had the cart with him this morning at Ave A and 4th, hanging outside the lottery/check cashing place. I only got a quick glance inside, but it sure looked like the cart was still filled with trash.

Roger_Paw said...

Maybe Guggenheim Lab could follow this guy and make a documentary about him and feature a series of lectures on "NYC Life with Art" with this guy as the main focus. Wait, that's too creative a thought. Never mind.