Thursday, June 2, 2016

CB3 committee to hear more about Mount Sinai Beth Israel's future plans in the neighborhood

As you know, Mount Sinai Beth Israel officials announced last week that they are closing their 825-bed facility on First Avenue at East 16th Street in the next four years.

Mount Sinai Health System plans to replace the existing facility by opening a smaller hospital on 14th Street and Second Avenue.

Per The New York Times from last week:

The plan for the new Beth Israel building calls for breaking ground in 2017. Once that is completed, the existing building, at 16th Street and First Avenue, will be sold, with the proceeds helping to offset the costs of the change, hospital officials said.

The new building will have about 70 beds with an emergency department several blocks away, officials said. It will also include expanded outpatient facilities at three sites with more than 35 operating and procedure rooms and 16 physician practice locations to be used by over 600 doctors.

You'll have a chance to hear more about these future plans from hospital officials next Thursday, June 9, during a joint Community Board 3 committee meeting.

The 6:30 p.m. meeting is in the Thelma Burdick Community Room, 10 Stanton St. at the Bowery.



Anonymous said...

CB3 to grant them a full liquor license! Yay!

Anonymous said...

This announcement is the intended destruction of not one, but two institutions. They'll close Beth Israel and then destroy the New York Eye & Ear Infirmary as well.

It's hard not to have this feel like the Uptown overlords showing a lack of care towards the downtown community. Hopefully the community board will see the smarm and self-serving nature of this coming and make it more difficult for those uptowners to get out from underneath the problem they created.

To be clear, they've chosen not to invest in downtown. They want to extract as much money from the property they own by selling it to cover their inability to manage a health system and the massive debt they went into merging with continuum without a plan.

Time for everyone to go to NYU to receive care...

blue glass said...

wouldn't it be nice if the cb and elected officials actually did something here -
since eye and ear is in cb#3 and beth israel in cb#6 it is a perfect opportuniiity for the boards to work together and actually accomplish something - maybe?
they once did work together in a joint task force regadingdrug drugs and methadone with beth israel, along with all the elected officials and two police precincts, which became "sweet 14". long story.
i won't go into that not so effective results but it's worth another try.

Giovanni said...

The Community Boards were both blindsided by this announcement, yet here they are hosting an informational meeting to allow Mt. Gentrify to spread more disinformation about how this major shutdown is somehow going to lead to a big improvement in services. What a sad joke.

cmarrtyy said...

This is a dump... pure and simple. They are moving all the problems of a major hospital to a quiet residential street far from their very valuable land that faces 1st Ave and the park on 2nd. Why should we get their problems.. the hundreds, thousands of people a week who need care and maintenance, ambulances, police cars... methadone clients all over a 13th street which is inadequate to handle all the traffic and is not zoned for a hospital? There is plenty of room on 1st Ave to sell the land on the park side and keep the hospita(although smaller) where it is.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 12:34pm.

Further, the idea of a hospital whose ER is a "few blocks away" is CRAZY.

So if you go to their ER and need to be admitted, you'll have to be transferred by ambulance for those few blocks ($$$$, plus they're adding a lot of extra traffic on the street).

Who cares if your health or survival are jeopardized by the need to transfer you? And if you have to endure some truly crazy delay in getting admitted, what could go wrong? If they have to take you out in pouring rain or a blizzard, hey, you're already half-dead so who cares? Maybe Mt. Sinai can add a funeral home into the facility, so everything needed will be at hand.

This is truly a low, sneaky scheme to remove needed facilities from this area.

600 doctors practicing in a couple of "outpatient" locations... yeah, that's a great idea. NOT!

Anonymous said...

A 800 bed hospital,becomes a 70 bed hospital do the numbers.Have you ever tried to go up 1 ave on week day to get to the mother hospital.