Saturday, April 5, 2008

Coming soon....something else we don't want or need?

This place was Rice Bar, 158 Avenue C at 10th Street, a pan-Asian-fusion something-or-another joint that opened in the fall of 2004. I can't remember when it closed. It was never full when I'd pass by. At one time it was the Futurama Cleaners. Thankfully, that place got priced out of the neighborhood. Who needs things like laundromats and cobblers when you can pay $19.95 for some rice with two shrimp in it?

Anyway, sarcasm aside, there has been activity in here. Looks like another restuarant-type place. I would have asked a worker, but no one was around. And I even stood there for a bit. Could have gotten away with a wheelbarrow and some sawhorses.

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