Friday, April 25, 2008

NYC in all its black-and-white glory, yesterday and today

I opened up the 20th anniversary issue of the New York Press this morning. And the photo on Page 4 got my attention. It's a shot of a cab in a snowy Times Square circa 1988. The photographer is Matt Weber. The caption included his Web address. My day job has sapped any creativity that I may have had this week. So I'll just lamely say wow.

He also has a flickr stream, where I found the above photo. Too many to choose from to help illustrate this post and his work.


Jeremiah Moss said...

thanks for posting this--i just checked the guy out, his stuff is amazing, especially the garment district pics. nice find!

Grieve said...

Thanks for the comment, Jeremiah. I keep looking at some of Matt's different collections. I swear every photo is as compelling as the next.