Monday, June 28, 2010

123 Third Ave. has glass

Here we are at "East Union Square," where workers started putting in the glass Friday...

Still waiting for that sales center, though...

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123 Third Avenue ramps up its marketing efforts with an ad facing away from traffic


Lisa said...


Anonymous said...

here's an idea.
the east village is rapidly filling up with glass block hi-rises that serve the increasingly insensitive to others folks that flock to the east village to pay higher rents than sutton place so they can party in their hipness.
let's make it a requirement that each new building has to open their ground floor to one of the most anti-social establishments in our community and offer them a home.
in no time we'd have our streets back for the family various family-run stores that used to serve this neighborhood and helped make it into the wonderful place it was for a while.
site won't let me use blueglass???