Sunday, June 13, 2010

Is the MTA hip to this Internet meme?

Caroline McCarthy at CNET notes the following:

This week, an alteration in New York City transit signs to address forthcoming route changes have placed an unfortunate Internet acronym on a heavily trafficked subway station: Displays that list the color-coded subway services running at the 14th Street-6th Avenue underground station now display a bold "FML."

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, or MTA, may or may not have been aware that this is an acronym for "f*** my life," a profane exclamation of disgruntlement that arose in Web forums, in text messages, and on a popular blog several years ago.

[Photo credit via Digitalisms]


Anonymous said...

The M train and the L train only intersect at Myrtle and Wyckoff in Brooklyn. This image is spurious.


Anonymous said...

I am recanting my previous comment regarding the authenticity of this image. I should have verified the routing changes with the MTA website beforehand.


Anonymous said...

nope. it's the 14th street station, where you can transfer to the f, v (now m) and l from the 1/2/3.

the path should have given it away.

Bob Fingerman said...

As someone who takes the subway all the time it's certainly a sentiment I can appreciate down there. Often.