Thursday, June 24, 2010

The law that reshapes NYC's loft landscape

A little late on this story from Tuesday... Here, via Crain's...

Just before midnight Monday, Gov. David Paterson signed legislation that vastly expands the law protecting residential loft tenants. A last-minute deal was worked out with the Bloomberg administration to exclude 13 of the city's 16 Industrial Business Zones from the law, which legalizes the residential use of buildings in industrial areas.

I asked Curt Hoppe, who has lived and worked in a loft at 98 Bowery since 1976, for his take on the legislation.

"This is really good for the city and its artists... and, in the end, good for everyone," Hoppe said. "I never heard of anyone coming to New York to see an investment bankers' neighborhood."

Read more on the loft law via the Lower Manhattan Loft Tenants website.

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