Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stop Work order for 16 Clinton St.

In early June, an EV Grieve reader brought word that workers were priming 16 Clinton St. for demolition... As the reader noted, the demolition would — among other things — displace Connie, the longest-term resident of the block, and its unofficial guardian.

However, the reader noted that there is a full Stop Work order now in effect...

In any event, according to the permit in process:

Alteration type 1
Demolish 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors existing rear building (Old law tenement) Cellar floor and foundation still remain

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16 Clinton St. primed for demolition


Anonymous said...

The first, second, and third floors have not existed for over twenty years.

Anonymous said...

At one time there was a back building, but it was before Connie's time. About 10 years ago the owner dug up the beautiful garden that was there and filled it with iron beams and construction materials. He had a permit to partly demolish the so-called "existing" building. People complained, so the bulidings dept. sent an inspector who issued a violation which said that the owner completely demolished the building instead of only partially. Work stopped. When work started again in 2010, I called the bldgs dept. and finally got the chief of inspectors, and I tried to explain that the permit was obtained with false information, and he said, "Well how do you know that the building was never demolished properly and now they are trying to rectify that?" Then he said he didn't have a pencil so he couldn't write anything down, so I should call back the next day. Sigh. If the owner decides it's worth the money to get a new-building permit, he'll probably be able to build a structure back there.