Sunday, January 16, 2011

7A pushes re-opening date to Tuesday

The renovations at 7A on Seventh Street and Avenue A have been pushed back to Tuesday from Friday.... which I meant to note yesterday...


Anonymous said...

Too bad you are not fUFKCING clear with your English and saying "pushed back" to Tuesday from Friday makes NO sense because that could mean it's opening earlier or later than expected. You did not provide actual dates.


I don't have to yo

Anonymous said...

Anon--don't hate on The Grieve.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you choke yourself anon. I'm glad they are still here, 7A.
I thought that BHAKTI CAFE was closing but they actually reworked the space and are back in operation, Terrific interesting different space. I've had it with this ice cold symmetrical modernist controlling fascist design.

Say, does anyone know if Counter is closing? I thought they were transferring their liquor license to another restaurant but I see they are still there. Anyone?