Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jimmy McMillan just lost the cyclist vote

Jimmy McMillan, the rent is too damn, blah, blah guy, is running for president. He's even holding a news conference in Tompkins Square Park next week to announce his candidacy.

Meanwhile! The Local East Village conducted a Q-and-A with McMillan ... to an excerpt!

Bike lane use is a big issue in the East Village. How would you handle that issue?

Get rid of them. You have cars running up on bicycle lanes – people are getting run over. These are idiots! There are not enough bicyclists. I did a personal count. In one week in the East Village on First Avenue and Second Avenue, there were about 25 people on each avenue. It’s not enough. They’re better for states with warmer climates, like in Florida. You cannot have bicycle lanes where there is snow.


esquared™ said...

bicyclists are too damn low

Anonymous said...

The Cooper Square Development was a plot by the Bloomberg administration to take over the Lower East Side. This was the first catalyst! This includes Avalon Bay, The Whole Foods complex, etc..
People involved with this redevelopment were coerced into this compromise. The Cooper Square Committee claims that the plan in its entirety would end up creating 50%market rate housing and 50% affordable housing is a bunch of bullshit! This combined with all of the other luxury developments and the hotels is an overthrow and the pitch for a certain percentage of affordable housing is a tactic to appease the masses.

blue glass said...

the cooper square committee fought for a long time for 1005 low-income housing - passing up on 80% low income housing paid for by 20% martket rate. they lost that deal and, some 40 years later, pushed for the now 80% market and 20% with affordable.
this turned lower 2nd-3rd avenue and houston street into the "mecca of style" it has become.

blue glass said...

correction NOT 1005 - 100%

Jill W. said...

"You cannot have bicycle lanes where there is snow."
Actually, you can, and do have bike lanes where there is snow. For the record, I use them even in snowy weather, as soon as the lanes are plowed. Otherwise I ride in the streets.

Anonymous said...

In the end the 50/50 includes the new supportive supportive housing that was developed in the area, i.e. Community Access, etc..
The thing that they didn't take into account was all of the other structures that would be erected aside from these, like the hotels, The Cooper, 52 East 4th Street, etc., etc., etc.,, as well as the commercial spaces, i.e. high end restaurants, lounges, right wing eateries, designer stores.

This combined with the media's exploitation of the L.E.S. as well as eight years of George Bush, is one of the biggest take overs ever to hit NYC, and the community board and people in charge continue to conform, and celebrities and high rollers continue to exploit.

It is hard to fight when nobody is leading. Our local officials are weak! Thanks a lot!

Now they are going to pull the same shit with Seward Park.


Anonymous said...

"In one week in the East Village on First Avenue and Second Avenue, there were about 25 people on each avenue. It’s not enough."

I'm not sure where you were, but that's simply untrue. Even in the snow, I've seen more than that in the last couple of weeks every day.

WB said...

Jimmy McMillan: The meds are too damn low

Marty Wombacher said...

@WB: Ha ha ha! Good one!

OWR(AntcanSuckMyThing) said...

I love him..He's my new Pres.