Tuesday, January 4, 2011

[Updated] Major early-morning fire on Second Avenue and Fourth Street

According to several readers, a fire broke out on the northwest corner of Second Avenue and Fourth Street early this morning around 4:30. We're still waiting for more details. Slum Goddess has photos and a narrative here. She writes: "everyone was climbing down the fire escapes in the back of the building to get out of there. I think everyone got out safely from what I can tell."

In an e-mail to me, she writes, "It was/is nuts. No one could breathe out there."

Witnesses say the East Village Village Farm on the corner sustained extensive damage. Adrianna Grezak has more photos and information here.

DNAinfo reports that seven residents were treated for minor injuries and six were taken to Beth Israel Hospital after the fire broke out. A cockapoo named Rugby reportedly saved the lives of his owner and roommate.

The first photo is from reader Jeremy...

The rest of the photos here are from reader Special Monkey

Here's a video of firefighters entering entering the building on the upper floors... shot by Kevin Rose.

Here's another video via YouTube ...


Anonymous said...

I walked by this morning and East Village Village Farm looks destroyed. Also, there was a Con Ed truck outside. Any word on injuries?

Unknown said...

I'd just been in at 11:45PM to buy weird stuff I didn't know I needed like a bottle of Robertson's mince; and was awoken around 4:25AM by that horrible acrid fire smell. Eventually, I realized the fire was on 2nd Ave. and headed over with my camera. It seemed to be pretty under control by the time I snapped the pix here around 4:50-5:10AM - I wonder what the little tags in the boxes the fire commanders are standing behind are? I imagine it's to keep track of the individual firemen - though could also be the individual apartments ... anyone know?

Anonymous said...

The tags are for FD personnel accountability. One tag for each person - this allows them to keep track of who is in the building fighting the fire and who has made it out.

I'm so thankful nobody lost their life.
- Fort Worth, TX