Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another dance for the Musical Box space?

The Musical Box, an unpretentious spot on Avenue B near 13th Street, closed last April...

However, several EV Grieve regulars have passed on word that the Musical Box owners will reopen another bar in the space... and a walk by confirms that work is going on inside...

The liquor license here is active through March 2012, according to the State Liquor Authority.

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Adam said...

Soooo happy. Just hope its as chill a place as its last incarnation.

Nixta said...

Woah. That place wasn't chill when it was a really successful bar, and I bet you that the owner won't want it chill like the long death that was MB post-smoking ban. Lucky he owns the building!

However, if it packs 'em in like it used to, he'll need a co-owner, like they had before. I'm rather worried that instead it will just fill up with NYU-ers.

Still, fingers crossed! I hear it looks amazing inside. Bike chain chandelier anyone??