Wednesday, March 15, 2023

On the rental market: 118 St. Mark's Place

A for-lease banner now hangs outside 118 St. Mark's Place between Avenue A and First Avenue ... bringing an official end to the previous tenant at this location — the cannabis lifestyle brand CannaCulture NYC.

The shop, which opened last July, was dark in recent weeks... though there was some thought this was a temporary closure.

This outfit had not been a target of Mayor Adams and Manhattan DA Bragg, who earlier this year announced that they had joined forces, cracking down on illegal storefront operations by going after the landlords.

One of those businessesRuntz at 14 First Ave. between First Street and Second Street, looks officially closed.

Other recent cannabis-related closures include The Main Event at 42 Avenue B between Third Street and Fourth Street on New Year's Eve. That shop, open for 15 months, also sold vinyl, clothing, art and music ephemera. It's not known why they shuttered. 

As for 118 St. Mark's Place, this space was previously home to St. Dymphna's, which closed in October 2018 after 24 years in business. The tavern later reopened at 117 Avenue A

The new listing for the storefront is not yet online


Anonymous said...

They won't be missed.

Anonymous said...

I actually liked that dispensary and came to knew the workers. I was told the landlord wanted “something different” for the space. Not sure what that means.

Chris Flash said...

What if the renter sells cigarettes without tax stamps? Or doesn't pay the city and state sales taxes collected? Or runs numbers or takes bets on horses and football games? Or commits MURDER?

This is really absurd POLICE STATE bullshit.

How can the city hold the landlord or ANY party responsible for the alleged illegal acts of another party?