Sunday, March 19, 2023

The eyes have it

Photos by Stacie Joy 

We spotted Jappy Agoncillo working on this new mural yesterday outside the Ridge Hotel on Houston at Eldridge...
... featuring Best Actress Michelle Yeoh in "Everything Everywhere All at Once." 

Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert's absurd multiverse comedy, which is still playing in several EV theaters, won seven Oscars. Kwan and Scheinert won the directing category and best original screenplay. 

By the way... Kwan's mother, June Kwan, is an owner of Spicy Moon, the vegan Szechuan restaurant at 328 E. Sixth St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue (read more in this article at Vulture).


stephen b said...

may we please have some relief from this movie?

Not our fine muralist, he's doing great. As is Spicy Moon (a fav of ours).

Thank you

Giovanni said...

After watching yet another crappy superhero movie last year ( I think it was Morbius, but they are all so forgettable) I wandered into another theater looking for a palette cleanser to forget what I had just seen. I knew nothing about Everything Everywhere All at Once, and was stunned that Hollywood would release such a creative and absurd movie. It immediately went on my top 10 movie list of all time along with Casablanca, the Godfather and 2001.

But I was afraid that it would be forgotten by Oscars, which were almost a year away. It is a hard movie to understand on first viewing, so much sensory overload, so many timelines and overlapping storylines, so I went back to see it again. I have never seen so many people booth l laughing and crying throughout a film. So I saw it again, and the same thing happened, The emotional connection the movie has with its audience is what made it one of the most awarded films in history, which is partly due to being the right movie with the right message for people coming to the movies in 2022 after two years of Covid. It is ultimately a movie about surviving and appreciating this thing called life.

And here we are: EEAAO won three Oscars in the acting category, which has only been accomplished by 2 other films in almost 100 years. It won more above the line awards than any movie in Oscar history. This is largely due to Michelle Yeoh, one of the great actresses who has finally been recognized. This film may not be for everyone, no movie is, but if it is it will stay with you for a very long time.

Giovanni said...

And now that I know that Oscar winner Daniel Kwan’s mother owns Spicy Moon I will definitely be giving it a try, something I have been meaning to do for awhile.