Monday, March 20, 2023

The $1 cheese slice at 2 Bros. on St. Mark's Place is now $1.50

Early $1 slice joint Two Bros. Pizza has bumped the price to $1.50 at 32 St. Mark's Place between Second Avenue and Third Avenue, its first NYC outpost.

The new signage went up on Friday, per EVG reader Tom. 

Toward the end of 2021, with prices surging on everything from flour to paper plates, many 99-cent/dollar slicerias citywide started increasing the cost by 50 cents ... 2 Bros. went to $1.50 at the Chelsea outpost, as the Post reported. Per the Times, 2 Bros. was still charging $1 at six of its nine locations.

Now, on St. Mark's, you can get two cheese slices and a can of soda for $3.99, up a buck from before. 

While most budget EV slice shops are charging $1.50 now, there is an outlier with the pending arrival of a new 99-cent joint on 14th Street.

For a time, 2 Bros. had two slice outposts on the block. The location with the upscale $1.50 SUPREME slice closed at 36 St. Mark's Place in 2015


Liam R said...

Can anyone explain why the St. Marks location tastes bad and the Chelsea location tastes good?

JAMES said...

Dont knock on the 2nd Place they opened on the Block. AT one point they were selling high-end TERRIFIC PIES with ahand-made IMPORTED Pizza Oven for 6 Dollars. It started at 12-13 Dollars and Business was so slow that they kept knocking the price down. I still rue that place went out.

Tom said...

I was surprised to see that after EV Grieve posted the story very early Monday morning that a lot of news outlets picked up on it: Eater, New York Post, News 4 New York, The Times (London), OutKick blog, ABC7 News, PIX 11 News, NewsNation, Business Insider, TimeOut ... the New York Post even published a ridiculous editorial about it blaming the price hike on the Democrats:

Anonymous said...

Well, there goes my tide me over inflation spare change from the couch meal. C'est la merde.