Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Corner spaces for lease along Houston at Elizabeth and the Bowery

Been meaning to note: A for-lease sign is on the vacant storefront at 73 E. Houston St. at Elizabeth... the former home of Rag & Bone. 

The retailer quietly closed at the start of the year; the men's shop next door on Houston is also shuttered. (This is one of several R&Bs that shut down this year.) 

R&B had been here since 2010... replacing neighborhood favorite Cafe Colonial, whose owner reportedly saw her rent triple following the arrival of nearby neighbor Keith McNally's Pulino's Bar and Pizzeria on the SW corner of Houston and the Bowery. (Part of the feared "McNallification" of the neighborhood.)

Pulino's eventually closed in 2013 ... to make way for McNally's concept Cherche Midi, a French brasserie. That spot ultimately folded in 2018... and the corner has been vacant for nearly five years.

A for-rent sign is now on that space, too (as of a few weeks ago)... only the second time that we recall a listing for the address.
This corridor of the Bowery has been challenging for retail and restaurants... we've seen many concepts come and go quickly... and even name restaurateurs like McNally and Daniel (DBGB!) Boulud haven't had a lasting impact.


Anonymous said...

Geez! The Bowery and environs are looking as tagged as they did during the Jim Jarmusch days. I guess that's what's called "Progress"....

Anonymous said...

Rag and bone was overpriced. 175$ for a henley shirt. 500$ for a pair of jeans. $1500 for a pair of black boots. Some of the stickers I saw on a recent visit there during the holidays. Only millionaires could afford to shop here. Today's economic climate dictates for most of us these products are a luxury and not a necessity when you work two jobs to pay rent, insurance premiums, and living expenses. Perhaps this is the very reason rent and salaries could not be paid?

JAMES said...

Never did I believe I would LONG so much for the old Bowery.

Anonymous said...

James, agree, give me back the old Bowery. Much more interesting. Miss the days when there were old and new mom and pop ventures on every block. I'll take junkies and squeegiemen over the drunk and entitled anytime.